Under 10s – 2018/19 season

School year: Year 5 from September 2018

League: East Kent

Manager: Lee Coleman
Email: colemanlee76@aol.com
Call: 07530844872
Supports:  Liverpool

Assistant Coach: Chris Kent
Email: chris@landaustore.co.uk

Parent Representative: Mandy Beardsley (Head Parent Representative)
Email: mandy_beardsley@yahoo.co.uk

Lee Coleman, Manager, says: “I started coaching with Hythe Youth at grass roots level, for the Under 7s, so when the kids were age 6. My son was at an age where he could join a team outside of school. I heard that the club needed someone to coach the boys and as I didn't want my son to miss out I took the role on. I get a huge amount out of coaching the kids. It's made me more humble when we lose, I kick every ball when we play, but I realise I can't control the kids, I can only direct and give them advice."


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