Under 8s – 2018/19 season

School year: Year 3 from September 2018

League: Ashford

Manager – Martin Chandler
Email: chandsecc@aol.com
Call: 07584 326981
Supports: Liverpool

Assistant Coach –  Grant Baxter
Email: grant38uk@hotmail.com
Call: 07771 927271
Supports: Everton

Parent Representative – Trevor Scarfe
Email:  Trevorscarfe1980@gmail.com
Call:07506 981077

Martin Chandler, Manager, says: “The reason I choose to coach a team is that I want to pass my knowledge and experience from my professional / semi professional career onto the youth at Hythe. I love to see young children learn and progress with a smile on there face. My young son is also part of the squad."

Grant Baxter, Assistant Coach, says: “I love coaching - I got involved when my son started playing for the Under 7s and took it as a great opportunity to train the team he plays for when the previous manager needed to move to another team."

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