Under 7 Colts 2018-19

School year: Year 2 from September 2018

League: Ashford Pacific League

Manager: Gareth Evans
Email: garethmevans@btinternet.com
Call: 07912492654
Supports: Tottenham Hotspurs

Manager: Ben Pryor
Email: berniepryor@hotmail.com
Call: 07725258067
Supports: Man City

Assistant: Andrew Peterson
Email: andrewdpeterson@hotmail.com
Supports: TBC

Parent Representative: TBC
Email: tbc

Gareth Evans, Manager, says: “I started coaching after I’d managed to get to all my son’s training sessions when he started playing for the Under 7s. I’d originally said I couldn’t commit to it, but then when I could attend every session and match, I thought why not. So, it was a perfect opportunity to pick up a new team for my youngest son."

Ben Pryor, Manager, says: “Simply put I coach because I love football and thoroughly enjoy watching the kids learn and enjoy the game."

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